ICM System Certification

PEMSEA’s Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) System Certification is designed for local governments seeking validation of their ICM System and recognition for excellence and continuous improvement. 

The ICM System Certification formally evaluates and certifies that an ICM System conforms to the requirements of the ICM Code

Benefits of ICM System Certification:

  1. Helps local governments continually improve their ICM System and facilitates enhancement of coastal and marine management for attaining sustainable development goals and objectives;
  2. Encourages donors, international agencies and other organizations to collaborate with local governments to develop and implement an effective ICM System; and
  3. Can be employed to validate the daily operations of a local government’s ICM System as conforming with international management standards, i.e., ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Three levels of certification are available: 

Take the ICM System Certification Rapid Assessment to get feedback on the potential for your coastal area to become certified. To learn more about pursuing ICM System Certification, please contact PEMSEA.